Student Services

Memphis College of Art’s Office of Student Affairs is available to assist students with any problems or concerns that may arise in their college experience.  Student Affairs staff are located in Gibson Hall at the corner of Poplar Avenue and Tucker Street.

MCA takes pride in the technology, resources and facilities available to our students.  We provide easy access and strive to deliver prompt responsiveness to our community’s needs.  Just go to place a work request and enter the password “MCA” for immediate assistance with facility matters.

Student Life
Activities are planned and hosted by the Director of Student Life and the MCA Student Alliance.  All activities are listed on the Student Life Calendar and in the MCA Student Handbook/Planner.  Join us for evenings out bowling, Saturday trips to Home Depot or Target, midnight coffee in the café, a day out canoeing, a fall afternoon at the corn maze, or any number of openings or parties here at the college.

Counseling Referrals
Students needing any kind of personal counseling or psychiatric referral can see the Director of Student Life or the Vice President for Student Affairs.  We can refer you to counseling centers close to MCA that charge on a sliding scale based on income. This is especially helpful to students without insurance.

Emergency Funds
If you run out of money before work study checks are issued or need to buy your books and supplies before refunds are ready, just come by Student Affairs for a loan.  Depending on the amount or on the situation we can provide some carry-over funds on the same or by the next day.

Medical/Doctor Referrals
We recommend sleep and healthy eating, but when flu and cold season comes around, we can get you into see a doctor almost always on the same day.

For students without insurance, we usually recommend Primary Care Specialists at 3109 Walnut Grove for most non-emergency needs. Students with insurance can call 901-458-0162 or go to to see if their insurance plan is accepted. First time patients will need to go during walk-in hours (call to confirm times). Appointments can be made after your first visit.

Baptist Minor Medical Center at 3295 Poplar Ave. is another option for students. They accept a wide range of insurance plans and are open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. No appointment is necessary. Call 901-327-8188 or go to for more information.

Contact Student Affairs if you have additional questions or need transportation assistance.

Memphis College of Art offers a number of buildings and houses as student residences.  Prices and occupancies vary.  (See url for housing building and cost).  By April 1 of each year current housing residents must choose rooms, roommate(s) and sign a lease for the next year.  Beyond that date housing is opened up for new incoming students and current students that miss the deadline and want housing will be put on a wait-list.  See the Director of Student Life for more information.

Financial Aid

Students that need financial assistance can meet with the Director of Financial Aid to determine eligibility for federal, state, and institutional aid.  Students, especially Tennessee residents, must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year by February 1 to qualify for some state grants.
Memphis College of Art admissions scholarships are renewed each year in May based on cumulative grade point average.  Freshmen 0 to 29 hours must have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (CGPA); Sophomores 30 to 59 credit hours must have a 2.25 CGPA; Juniors 60 to 89 credit hours must have a 2.50 CGPA; and Seniors 90+ credit hours must have a 2.50 CGPA for renewal.  Scholarships can be regained any semester the student brings their CGPA above the required mark.
Each year currently enrolled students can qualify for merit grants through faculty nomination based on strong academic performance.  These awards are given in March for the next year and range from $500 up to $6,000 per year.  For more information regarding merit awards please check the MCA Student Handbook at

Emergency Assistance
Students that have an emergency can get a security officer to the scene 24/7 by calling 507-3030.  Of course, this doesn’t preclude students from calling 911 in the case of an emergency that requires Memphis Police, Fire or Ambulance services.

Safety and Security

Security Officers at Memphis College of Art are employees of the College.  They are available 24/7 to assist students in need at 507-3030.  They oversee shuttle services to and from the college mornings and evenings.  The Safety and Security Office is located on the ground floor of Rust Hall across from Studio 3.

Memphis College of Art’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ASFSR) is available at this link (click here to read or download a copy).

Rust Hall Building Hours and Access

Rust Hall (MCA’s main building) is open 24 hours every night of the week except for Saturdays at which time the building closes at midnight and reopens on Sunday at noon.  All studios and labs are open during these hours as well.  Students must have their MCA I.D. and be able to show that to security officers during overnight access.  After staff hours, students must enter the building through the front entrance with their magnetic access card.  When leaving the building, students can call 507-3030 for an escort to their car.  The College is closed on Thanksgiving Day and over the Christmas semester break while staff are on holiday.  Students registered for summer sessions and Horn Island may use the studios from Monday through Friday, 8 am through 5 pm and Monday through Thursday from 5 pm through 9 pm during the summer.
MCA staff hours are 8:30 am through 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, although some offices and staff may have slightly different hours.  Staff are available throughout the year; however, faculty work only during the fall and spring semesters.


Missing Student Policy

As required by law, Memphis College of Art follows the attached missing student notification policy for students who reside in campus housing–click on the link above for policy details.

Public Complaints

Any member of the Memphis College of Art community who receives a complaint from a member of the general public about MCA, its faculty, staff, or students should advise that person to submit his or her complaint in writing to the Assistant to the President. The Assistant will receive any written complaint from the general public and direct it to the appropriate resolution.  A record of the complaint and corresponding resolution will be kept in the office of the Assistant.  The utilization of these procedures does not preclude the general public from filing with federal, state, or local agencies having jurisdiction over the matter.  For additional information, please contact Anne Ballam, assistant to the president, 901-272-5145 or