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Holiday Bazaar Student Art Competition

 65th Annual Holiday Bazaar – Nov. 21 & 22, 2014

Again this year, MCA will hold a contest to select a piece of student artwork to represent the Bazaar for 2014—the 65th Holiday Bazaar. 

The image of the winning entry will represent the Bazaar everywhere—on posters, advertisements, the T-bar in front of the park, and, perhaps, on other merchandise or even in the media! The winning artwork will also be featured at the event, which brings more than a thousand visitors to campus each year. The winner not only gets to represent the Bazaar this year, but will also receive a $200 gift card

The deadline isn’t until Sept. 10 but you know how crazy those first few weeks can be so here are the details:

•    No theme! Use the milestone year and purpose to create your piece.

•    Work must be submitted on or before Wednesday, Sept. 10, by 4 p.m. to Carrie Corbett in the Communications Office (Rust Hall across from the President’s office).  Work will be accepted between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

•    You must be able to leave your work in the Communications office until judging is  over (approximately a week). You must pick up your work when notified. 

•    You must complete a Submission Form, and  the completed form must accompany your work.

•    Work does not have to be 2D, but keep in mind that it will be photographed and    portrayed in 2D form. 

•    By submitting your work—and in the event that you win the competition—you are  agreeing to let MCA use your work in any medium and with edits in order to  promote the Holiday Bazaar. 

•    The work will be judged by a local design firm and members of the administration. In  the unlikely event that no pieces are chosen, MCA reserves the right not to award the  prize. 

Any questions? Contact or 272-5111.