Systems and Portraits by Lance Turner

Date(s) - 01/08/2014–02/09/2014
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Rust Hall - Alumni Gallery

Event Description

Artwork by alumnus Lance Turner.

Turner says that his work has evolved out of his need to correct what seems to be a flaw in photorealism as it was originally validated as a process-based form of conceptualism. “It is the act of transcribing photographic information through paint onto a canvas, yet the large, obsessively detailed images emphasized the painting as an illusion and not a process,” says Turner. “I show the grid and emphasize the mark-making process within its increments to show that the painting is an object, after all the process and materials are real, and not a photographic illusion. I’ve incorporated space and striped as measurements into my paintings to further emphasize the painting as a real object.”

“The faces that I paint are only the product of my experience. Therefore, they more accurately depict what I believe to be the essence of painting, which is self-reference,” says Turner. “My paintings are about my thought process as I create fictional characters through the relationship of stylistic devices. Because the subjects of my paintings are about a single identity, they are like avatars made for the internet. They reveal a sense of isolation that comes with specialization and distortion of the real through ideas and simulations such as Facebook. As the objectives of my painting have become a quest to find what is real and true, the subject matter of my work has become an exaggerated unreality of constructed identity.”

Reception Friday, Jan. 17,  6–8 p.m.

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