Mentoring Program

Alumni mentors provide career and academic guidance, as well as personal support, to students. Mentors assist students with learning about career options and coach them on the skills and attitudes that will improve their success potential. Mentors encourage students to network with other professionals, educate students on the daily work involved in their careers and talk about different options in the field. They may even review students’ resumes and give critical feedback.

By volunteering, you can help MCA students develop the skills they need to thrive and succeed in their careers. The goal of our mentoring program is to assist graduating students in making a smooth transition into the workplace. By becoming an alumni mentor, you will allow students to benefit from your expertise and knowledge as they grow in their own careers. Through mentoring relationships, students are able to develop career directions and gain “real world” perspectives on possible occupations and industries. Students are also given the chance to network and gain insight into areas of interest beyond an academic setting. In turn, you will develop stronger ties to MCA students and have an opportunity to interact with and guide the next wave of professionals in your field.

Several different mentoring options are available to alumni engaged in MCA’s Mentoring Program:

Art Reach: Direct contact with students and recent graduates via phone, email and regular mail.

Panels and Presentations: Volunteer to speak with students in panels, seminars or workshops hosted by MCA.

Internships: Promote internship opportunities at your place of employment.

Design Directions: Forge a creative partnership with the next generation of designers.

Reality Check: Host a career preparation session to help students prepare slides, resumes, and cover letters for their portfolio.

Art of Business: Educate future alumni on the benefits of financial literacy through professional grant writing.

Art Smart: Help students establish gallery representation and apply for artist residences, internships, and employment opportunities.

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, please contact either or to sign up or for more information.