MCA Community Education Launches New Fall Programs


In addition to longtime favorites like Saturday School for youth and Drawing and Photography classes for adults, new, exciting programming has been added to Community Education’s fall line-up. They have taken two of the most popular classes – Animation and Comics – and expanded them into multi-week programs, Animation Academy and Comics Boot Camp. Fashion Sewing for Teens also returns, in partnership with the Memphis Fashion Deign Network. A full list of youth and adult classes can be found below. Registration is open now! Click on the class title below to learn more and register.

Fall 2018 Youth Classes

Saturday School | Ages 5-17
September 29th – November 3rd
Learn to use drawing media such as charcoal, ink, pencil, and conté in combination with concepts of painting in watercolor and acrylic. Explore concepts such as composition, perspective and value, and how to confidently use these as tools in your drawings and to improve your painting. Advanced students build on previous skills to give practice to artistic principles.

Animation Academy | Ages 11-17
September 29th – November 10th
Welcome to Animation Academy, where students learn digital skills like 2d animation, character design, environment design, 3d modeling, digital painting, and more. Learn industry-level programs used by professional animators, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Toonboom Harmony and Maya. Our Academy kicks off this fall with a seven-week session in 2D animation. All levels of experience welcome.

Comics Boot Camp | Ages 11-17
September 29th – November 3rd
Attention comics fans! Flex your drawing muscles in this intensive boot camp designed to develop the skills needed to help you create awesome comics. Explore the formal language, storytelling, and character development necessary to create a comic. Students will learn to visually tell a story using the elements of sequential narrative, as well as become familiar with the tools and techniques used by comic book artists. This boot camp will strengthen the skills you need to take your comics to the next level. All levels of experience welcome!

Fashion Sewing for Teens | Ages 11-17
September 29th – November 3rd
Explore elements of fashion design from conceptual ideas, selecting fabrics, to bringing those impressive ideas to life through the art of sewing and learning garment construction. At the end of your experience, WOW your family and friends with your amazing wearable creations at our Saturday School Showcase. In partnership with the Memphis Fashion Design Network.

Scholarship Opportunities

A limited number of partial scholarships are awarded for Community Education youth programs. The deadline for Fall youth classes is Thursday, September 6th at 4 pm. Applicants are required to submit an artist’s portfolio and letter of interest.

Fall 2018 Adult Classes (Ages 16+)

Digital Photography | September 11th -27th
Improve the quality of your photographs by learning how your digital camera can work for you. This class covers the use of your digital camera, how to compose a better picture, how to work with lighting and what elements are essential to turn an average photograph into a terrific one. Image capture, rather than manipulation and output, is the focus of the class. Classroom meetings and field components are included.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop | September 17th – October 3rd
Photoshop has become the standard software used by professional and amateur photographers, designers, and illustrators across the world. This class will familiarize users with the editing and design capabilities of Adobe Photoshop software, introducing students to Photoshop’s expansive set of features.

Beginning Sewing | September 22nd – October 13th
Want to make your own clothes? In this class, you will get started on fundamental techniques commonly used in sewing. Students will use the text, The Colette Sewing Handbook by Sarai Mitnick to reference lessons on basic tools and equipment.

Drawing with Amy-Beth Rice | September 24th – October 29th
Learn to effectively communicate what you observe through the discipline of drawing. Exercises will strengthen students’ ability to notice visual details and the techniques to depict them through drawing. Students will use a variety of wet and dry drawing media and subject matter and work from both life and photographic references. This class is appropriate for all skill levels.

Basic Metalsmithing | October 15- November 12
This class is perfect for those wanting to learn the basics of jewelry and small metal fabrication. We will work primarily with copper and brass to learn how to design and fabricate jewelry from conception to a final piece. With the guidance of the instructor, various tools and techniques will be used to create a ring, pendant, and one project of your choice. Skills covered will include sawing, filing, forming, surface textures, soldering with a gas-fueled torch, and riveting.

Beginning Painting | November 5th – 26th
With a focus on color and composition, this course will give students foundational techniques and approaches to acrylic painting. We will begin by developing the ability to paint from direct observation, and later use foundational skills as a means of exploration and personal expression.

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