HEY! PAY ATTENTION. MCA and OPC Launch New Pedestrian Campaign

Overton Park Conservancy (OPC) and Memphis College of Art (MCA) launch a bold new pedestrian safety campaign in the park, with new signs and an animated video created by MCA students.

Junior Animation student Esme Perkins created an engaging and effective short film about pedestrian safety in and around Overton Park. The film had full support of all of the park partners in addition to OPC and MCA, including the Memphis Zoo, Levitt Shell, Brooks Museum, and The Links at Overton Park. The short film will be shared by the park partners, and also be played on the two LED screens at Levitt Shell during their concert season.

Senior Graphic Design student Oziel Juarez designed the signs used throughout the park and on Poplar Avenue. His strong and simple “HEY!” theme with its eye-catching bright colors forces drivers and pedestrians to focus and pay attention.

The tragic death of MCA student Kelcie Ashmore in 2017 emphasized the need for increased pedestrian safety awareness near Overton Park. MCA and OPC worked with the City’s Engineering Office to increase safety at the Poplar and Tucker intersection, and continue to take steps to make sure students and community members stay safe with this new campaign.

“The well-being of our students is our number one priority,” President Laura Hine remarks. “We wanted our talented students to help others. Esme and Oziel have done an outstanding job, and remind us of the power of art and design to effect change in our communities.”

Artists have the unique ability to communicate in ways that others do not, and that is evident in the value these MCA students have added to this campaign, and the attention the campaign will garner because of their work.

See the video and signage photos below.


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