Halloween Costume Contest

Help us pick the best costumes by voting for your favorite in Students, Faculty and Staff! You can see all the costumes in our Facebook photo album.


1st place (Huey’s giftcard): Amy Dove (Frida Kahlo)
2nd place: Jeff Muncy & Terri Scott (Mable & Dipper Pines)
3rd place: Michaela Cannon (Masquerade Phoenix)

1st place (Café Eclectic giftcard): Zark Strasburger (Gandalf the Grey)
2nd place: Leandra Urrutia (Pris from Blade Runner)
3rd place: Sinder Lubu aka Elizabeth Brown (Fox Backup Dancer)

1st place (Amazon.com giftcard): Derrick Casey (Rorschach)
2nd place: Jennifer Gonzales (Blind Contour Drawing)
3rd place: Jarrod B. Taylor (Rococo)

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted!