Annual Fund Giving

Annual giving is so important to MCA. Annual funds are largely unrestricted, which means your gift can go directly toward the bottom line for the College and its programs. Annual giving is just that – annual. Contributions made from year to year from alumni, parents and friends provide a consistent stream of support for student scholarships and financial aid as well as academic and student-life programs.

Student scholarships and financial aid are our top priorities. Over the past few years, undergraduate scholarships and financial aid have increased by over 33%. Together, with the generosity of our Annual Fund donors, we have helped thousands of students realize their artistic dreams.

Academic and student life programs also benefit from unrestricted giving. Annual Fund gifts make it possible to create new academic programming, engage highly qualified and talented faculty, enhance library holdings and provide opportunities for cultural and artistic growth.

As a result of emergent technologies, new and expanding curricula and the growing needs of our students, MCA’s funding priorities are constantly evolving, and that is why unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund are so important. Such gifts afford MCA the necessary resources and flexibility to support core priorities and to provide our students with the richest possible college experience.

Questions? Please contact:

Laura Hine
Vice President for College Advancement 

Memphis College of Art
1930 Poplar Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104

Every Gift is Important.