Faculty Enrichment

Your gift in this area supports and empowers MCA’s esteemed and dedicated faculty, who teach and closely mentor students most often in 10:1 student to teacher ratio. Fine art and design faculty are esteemed practicing artists outside the classroom. As they continue to evolve, the faculty bring expanded wisdom and a new sense of fun and wonder to the classroom, and thereby enhance their students’ skills and disciplined capacities as future professional artists, designers, thinkers and doers. Liberal Arts faculty do the same by developing innovative coursework through which students’ world-views are broadened, and reasoning and creative problem-solving skills are honed.

There are broad possibilities for your gifts in this area. Gifts range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars and provide experiences that deepen faculty knowledge and artistic skills, and expose them to new tools, techniques, and topics for exploration. Larger multi-year donations may serve to attract leading-edge faculty, or to establish an endowed faculty position in a particular discipline or area of study.

Please contact Olivia Wall to learn more about exciting areas of interest and to learn about projects that provide you a specific and meaningful opportunity for your gift.

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