1936 Club

The 1936 Club is being formed for the purpose of ensuring that each and every student who has chosen to complete his or her education at Memphis College of Art has the same support, resources and opportunities that previous students have known and relied upon since our inception in 1936.

Your financial commitment to this cause will be utilized to prepare these final groups of promising young artists for careers where they elevate their communities through creative thought and expression of their talent. In short, donations will be used to meet the financial obligations associated with operating the College as we “teach out” these students as they earn their degrees between now and our final graduation set for May 2020.

Help us continue the proud legacy that has changed our city and region forever – a legacy that can never be diminished as long as the work endures. Alumni, former faculty and staff, friends of the College, and those who have never given, but want to do something that will truly matter, are all welcome contributors in our shared mission of providing our students with the quality education they deserve.

You can be part of memorializing the legacy of Memphis College of Art. When you participate, your name will be enshrined within a commemorative catalog recognizing the history of the college. Please give as generously as you can. Your gift matters.

President Laura Hine writes about the great things going on at MCA for the Commercial Appeal: read here.

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