From Phoenix to Santa Fe: Ferris Recipients Head West

Thanks to the generosity of Doug Ferris and Dot Neale, MCA students Alyssa Crowe and Grace Siler received the Ferris Summer Internship Awards this year and had the opportunity to travel west to work with exciting local businesses and artists. Alyssa headed to Phoenix and worked as an intern for Green Living Magazine, while Grace Siler traveled to Santa Fe and worked as an intern for both the Sante Fe Indian Market and local artist Jacob Lecuyer.

In Phoenix, Alyssa Crowe interned with Green Living Magazine, the premiere Arizona eco-conscious lifestyle magazine designed to empower readers to use nature’s resources for a more sustainable lifestyle. Alyssa was both the Photography Assistant Intern and the Social Media Branding Representative, working mostly with the creative director to assist with cover spreads and archiving images. She worked on various articles within the magazine, archived images, and conducted digital marketing and social media web analysis. Alyssa says that their top priority “was to advocate critical issues relating to sustainability, environmental awareness, and recycling. Being able to collaborate with the various departments within the company and attend weekly meetings felt very engaging.”


Some of her favorite experiences were taking photographs and attending the monthly issue release parties and corporate events: “I got a chance to network and connect with people in the Phoenix area. And my assignment photo shoots built my portfolio and gave me knowledge of other camera operational skills using different types of equipment.” Her internship not only bolstered her skils and experience, but she had a great time working with the “Green Team.”


Meanwhile in Santa Fe, Grace Siler put her skills to work at the Santa Fe Indian Market. The Santa Fe Indian Market is the largest event in Santa Fe and one of the largest art markets in the world. This year’s market juried in over 1,000 Native American artists. Grace worked as the PR/Marketing Intern, Designer, Social Media Manager, and more. She worked for the market last year as well, so she was able to dive right in. Grace created all of their official banners, invitations, posters, and giveaways, such as calendars. One of her favorite moments was meeting artist Dana Warrington, a Menominee/Prairie Band Potawatomi beadwork and quillwork artist. His gloves were her favorite piece in the show (see photo below).

As an added bonus, donors Doug and Dot happened to be vacationing in Santa Fe while Grace was there, so she had the opportunity to meet them for coffee and at various Indian Market events.


Grace also accepted a webcomics internship with former professor and Lead Concept Artist for the popular MeowWolf interactive museum, Jacob Lecuyer. In this internship, Grace assisted with Lecuyer’s webcomic series Polyuna. She worked on his rough sketches of characters and turned them into finished pieces to be made into a full-spread. She also digitally-colored full model/character sheets.

“Working with the Indian Market gives me the opportunity to learn valuable people skills, organization, and management skills. In my webcomics internship, I learned the importance of making valuable connections and what it takes to work as a professional in my field of interest,” says Grace.


Thank you again to Doug Ferris and Dot Neale, and all of our generous donors, for making opportunities like these possible for our students!

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