For adults who are interested in a more intensive course of study, we offer our non-credit or audit status. Fall and Spring semesters generally last 15 weeks. Non-Credit status is available to students who desire to take our regular college courses, but do not wish to pursue a degree at this time. Adults who are able to attend our daytime classes may sign up for one or more at a reduced tuition. No grades are given for non-credit students and no college credit is awarded.

Since matriculating students are given priority, non-credit students are admitted to courses on a space-available basis, usually only days before classes begin. In addition, all students must be committed students with basic skills and should be able to keep up with the coursework and add to the general classroom experience of all students.

Regular matriculating students at MCA are admitted by portfolio revue and must show a certain level of proficiency. However, non-credit students are not required to submit portfolios for admittance to classes and are therefore permitted to take regular college courses only at the discretion of the instructor.

Cost of tuition for non-credit status is $650 per course and must be paid in full before the class begins. All regular college refund policies apply to non-credit courses.

Check our current catalog at this link for registration information and a listing of all classes offered this semester. For more information or assistance, email or call the Registrar’s office at 901-272-5139.

Memphis College of Art does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or other status protected by law. Additional Information