Financial Literacy Tools

There are many tools available when it comes to financial literacy. It can be quite overwhelming at times. One way to help narrow down what you may be looking for is to determine what you are trying to find out. Are you looking for what the difference might be if you were to change your student loan plan? Trying to figure out a budget? Trying to determine how much interest you would end up paying on a car loan? There are tools for any type of scenario you might imagine.

The Department of Education has a handy tool when it comes to student loan repayments and options. Not sure what plan might be the best for you? Is is better for you to stay under the the standard repayment plan or go under the income-based repayment plan? These are questions that you will face once you have graduated but it’s not too early to start getting answers to some of these questions. Visit the calculator through the link above to put in some of your student loan figures and see what a loan payment might or will be.

Don’t know how much you have borrowed at this point? You may visit the National Student Loan Data System any time you would like to see how much you and your parents (with the PLUS) have borrowed.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has taken student finance in a different direction. They have set up a Student Money Management Center that is an excellent resource for any financial related to college students. More information is best could be easily related to this school. Check out their website and see questions and subjects from student loans to credit card tips to breaking bad money habits (see their ezine for a sample).

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