April is Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month.

Part of this awareness is trying to pass along the best information for you to use when you encounter these decisions. This week will highlight some things you should keep in mind about repayment.

Sallie Mae – one of the servicers for the Department of Education – has provided a list of the Top 10 Things Students Should Do at Repayment.

Have you wondered about what happens to your student loans and what you need to know while you’re in school? In your grace period? Nelnet has set up a resource for borrowers on both of these topics. Depending on which one you want more information about, click on the In-School Deferment for more information or click on In Grace Period for more information about these topics.

More information will be provided in the upcoming weeks. As always, you are welcome to visit with the Financial Aid Office regarding any of this information provided or any questions you may have.

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