April is National Financial Literacy Month

Have you thought about your financial situation now? Where it will be in five years? Where you would like it to be in five, ten, twenty years?

In the upcoming weeks, information to help answer these questions will be sent to your student email accounts. Of course, you are welcome to stop by and visit with the Financial Aid Office if you have further information other than what is being sent out or beyond what is included.

You should expect to receive:

1 - Student-specific websites: Pages that have been created for student loan borrowers who are in school or in grace. These pages will help guide you through the student loan life cycle with tips and other helpful information about what to expect and how to plan for your financial future.

2 - Downloadable Info Sheets: These will include financial literacy PDFs. Topics covered include credit card tips, how to avoid delinquency and default, student loan payment options, and more!

3 - Money Mondays: Free weekly webinars designed to help improve your financial wellness and that make it easy to learn about financial basics.

Have questions? Let us know!

The Financial Aid Office
Located in Gibson Hall
(901) 272-5136

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