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Visiting Artist Lecture: Lauren Kalman

Thursday, May 3

7.00 pm Callicott Auditorium

Lauren Kalman

Metal artist, sculptor, performance and installation artist

Tributaries artist at the Metal Museum

Lauren Kalman is a visual artist whose practice is invested in installation, video, photography and performance. Through her work she investigates perspectives of beauty, body image, value and consumer culture. Raised in the Midwest, Kalman completed her MFA in Art from the Ohio State University and earned a BFA in metals from the Massachusetts College of art. She exhibits internationally.
Her current work replicates and transforms illness and trauma through performance, video, objects and photography. Diseases like acne, cancer, herpes, elephantiasis or physical trauma like amputation and facial reconstruction surgery, are presented as jeweled infections, fabric growths or wearable instruments. They are hybridizations of the grotesque or undesirable aspects of the body and objects we associate with beauty, status, health or wealth.


Hard Wear (Tongue Guilding), 2006, gold leaf

Reminder: Influx Reception Tonight

Friday, April 27, 6-9 pm

Hyde Gallery – Nesin Graduate School

For more information call 901-272-5100 or visit

Alumni News

Amy Hutcheson, BFA 2004, Illustration

Image above: Untitled
Reception: Sunday, April 29, 2012 from 2-4 pm
Nathan and Dorothy Shainberg Gallery
The Memphis Jewish Community Center
6560 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN

Transformation, featuring new paintings, opens on April 29 and will continue on view through June 7.

MCA Students Chosen For New Exhibition

Three Memphis College of Art students were chosen to participate in the In, On or Of Paper exhibition at the Paper Circle Gallery, Ohio’s Premiere Center for Paper and Book Arts. This exhibition was juried by prominent book artist Eileen Wallace and will include work from students Emily Chaplain, Evan Hoffman, and Josh Orr.


Emily Chaplain, Untitled


Evan Hoffman, Corrosive PolliNATION



The Art Academy: A History of Memphis College of Art

You are invited to the premiere of The Art Academy: A History of Memphis College of Art at Studio on the Square, Wednesday, May 2nd, 7:30 pm. An art exhibit and auction of original works created for the film will be on display in the lobby from 12 noon to 10 pm, with an informal reception at 6pm, prior to the screening. Sales of artwork will support the artists, and a portion of proceeds will benefit MCA.

Tickets $12. Seating is limited. Buy now at For more details, visit

Alumni News

Carol DeForest, BFA 1977, Clay
Gwen English, MFA 1995, Studio Arts
Jeanne Seagle, BFA 1972, AVA
Lisa Tribo, BFA 2009, Drawing
with Jimpsie Ayres, Valerie Berlin, Anne Davey,
Peggy McKnight, Mary Norman, and Carol Sams

Reception: Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 5-8 pm
3009 Davies Plantation Road
Lakeland, TN

Domestic, an art exhibit about the balance between art and life, times ten will be on view through June 4.

Financial Literacy Tools

There are many tools available when it comes to financial literacy. It can be quite overwhelming at times. One way to help narrow down what you may be looking for is to determine what you are trying to find out. Are you looking for what the difference might be if you were to change your student loan plan? Trying to figure out a budget? Trying to determine how much interest you would end up paying on a car loan? There are tools for any type of scenario you might imagine.

The Department of Education has a handy tool when it comes to student loan repayments and options. Not sure what plan might be the best for you? Is is better for you to stay under the the standard repayment plan or go under the income-based repayment plan? These are questions that you will face once you have graduated but it’s not too early to start getting answers to some of these questions. Visit the calculator through the link above to put in some of your student loan figures and see what a loan payment might or will be.

Don’t know how much you have borrowed at this point? You may visit the National Student Loan Data System any time you would like to see how much you and your parents (with the PLUS) have borrowed.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has taken student finance in a different direction. They have set up a Student Money Management Center that is an excellent resource for any financial related to college students. More information is best could be easily related to this school. Check out their website and see questions and subjects from student loans to credit card tips to breaking bad money habits (see their ezine for a sample).

As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know.

Alumni News

Annette Fournet, BFA 1976, Photography

Image above: Landscape of Memory 1


The Landscape of Memory is on view from April 12 through May 12.

From the Artist: “This series of work combines my film-based images with digital scans. The work explores the desire to recall the past. Memory is vague, unreliable, often clouded by dreams and visions. I have attempted to capture these qualities of reminiscence in my images.”


Jeanne Seagle, BFA 1972, AVA

with Carol Sams


Image above: Road Through Trees, oil pastel on paper

New paintings by two painters exploring the subject of “Trees,” on view from April 13 through May 5 at Askew Nixon Ferguson Architects, 1500 Union Avenue, Memphis.

Reminder: Mitra Abbaspour Lecture Tonight

Mitra Abbaspour

Art Historian, Associate Curator of Photography, MoMA

In the Studio: Photography, Modernity and the Middle East

Thursday, April 12

7 pm Callicott Auditorium

April is Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month.

Part of this awareness is trying to pass along the best information for you to use when you encounter these decisions. This week will highlight some things you should keep in mind about repayment.

Sallie Mae – one of the servicers for the Department of Education – has provided a list of the Top 10 Things Students Should Do at Repayment.

Have you wondered about what happens to your student loans and what you need to know while you’re in school? In your grace period? Nelnet has set up a resource for borrowers on both of these topics. Depending on which one you want more information about, click on the In-School Deferment for more information or click on In Grace Period for more information about these topics.

More information will be provided in the upcoming weeks. As always, you are welcome to visit with the Financial Aid Office regarding any of this information provided or any questions you may have.

MFA Thesis Exhibition



April 18 through May 12, 2012

Hyde Gallery – Nesin Graduate School

Reception – Friday, April 27, 6-9 pm


Hyde Gallery Hours

Wednesday through Saturday noon-5 pm

For more information call 901-727-5100 or visit

Reminder: Jeanine Jablonski Lecture Tonight

Jeanine Jablonski, MFA Studio Arts, 2005

Gallerist/Curator, owner, Fourteen30 Contemoporary Gallery, Portland OR

Love it or GTFO; (What We Talk About When We Talk About Art)

Tuesday, April 10

7 pm Callicott Auditorium

King Biscuit Blues Festival 2012 Poster Contest

On behalf of the Sonny Boy Blues Society (SBBS) and Southern Bancorp, the Arkansas Delta Arts Partnership is accepting submissions for the 2012 King Biscuit Blues Festival Poster contest. The winning entry will be printed as a commemorative poster to publicize the 2012 festival. The artwork may also be used on T-shirts, postcards or other festival souvenirs. All sales will go to SBBS and the winner’s original artwork remains the property of SBBS. Incorporation of elements representing Helena are encouraged.

Judging: Three finalists will be selected from all entries. The final winner will be selected from the top three finalists. Contest finalists will be notified by letter.

Award: Winning artist will receive: $800 and V.I.P. status during the 2012 festival.

Entry Deadline: Friday, July 20, 2012

Pickup: The winning entry will remain the property of SBBS. All other artwork may be picked up at First Delta Insurance/KBBF Headquarters, 400 Plaza Street after the festival.

Unveiling & Signing: The winning entry will be unveiled on Thursday, August 23, 2012 at Southern Bancorp, 502 Cherry Street. The artist will be requested to sign commemorative posters at that time.

To download the contest guidelines, agreement and entry form click here: 2012 Poster Contest

Visiting Lecturer: Mitra Abbaspour

Visiting Lecturer

Mitra Abbaspour

Art Historian, Associate Curator of Photography, MoMA

In the Studio: Photography, Modernity and the Middle East

Thursday, April 12

7 pm Callicott Auditorium

Mitra Abbaspour is an Associate Curator in the Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art and a PhD candidate in the Department of Art History at The Graduate Center, CUNY. At MoMA, she leads a research initiative centered on the Thomas Walther Collection, which draws together photograph conservators and historians to explore the formation of photographic modernism in the early decades of the twentieth century.  Additionally, she is preparing to defend her dissertation, a study of photograph archives dedicated to Armenian, Kurdish, and pan-Arab practices.  This study considers the ways in which photograph archives call on the history of the medium to represent the relationship between the Middle East and modernity. She has authored numerous articles on contemporary photographers from Tracey Moffatt to Shirana Shahbazi. Recently, her focused study of a photograph of General Andranik “A Hero and a Homeland for Armenians in America: Photography’s Role in the Diaspora,” appeared in the International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. Mitra served as part of a curatorial team for the exhibition Re-Orientations: Islamic Art and the West in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, which was culled from the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has also taught in the art history departments of Hunter College, Brooklyn College, and the University of California, Riverside.

Before arriving in New York, Mitra was Assistant Curator and Museum Writer at UCR/California Museum of Photography. While there she oversaw the program of rotating exhibitions, curating a wide range of thematic and monographic shows from One Ground: Four Palestinian and Four Israeli Filmmakers to Lori Nix: Accidentally Kansas. Mitra has been a guest curator at the Sweeney Art Gallery, Riverside and Galleria Metta, Madrid. Mitra received her master’s degree from the University of California, Riverside and completed her bachelor’s degree at Scripps College in Claremont, California.


Color-print of the technique of photography from 1854, a hand painted color print from the book The History of Photography and PioneerPhotographers in Iran by Yahya Zoka (Tehran, 1997)

Lunchtime Lecture: Cathy Wilson

Cathy Wilson, recipient of a Faculty Enrichment Grant, will give a talk titled An educators’ journey as an accidental tourist, Fulbright Scholar, artist and consultant in Pakistan

Wednesday, April 11, 12:10-12:50, Myers Auditorium

Reminder: Visiting Artist Kim Dorlan Tonight

Visiting artist Kim Dorlan tonight at 7 pm in Callicott Auditorium.


Lori #6 oil, acrylic and spray paint on wood, 2008

Visiting Lecturer: Jeanine Jablonski

Visiting Lecturer

Jeanine Jablonski, MFA Studio Arts, 2005

Gallerist/Curator, owner, Fourteen30 Contemporary Gallery, Portland OR

Love it or GTFO; (What We Talk About When We Talk About Art)

Tuesday, April 10

7 pm Callicott Auditorium


Jeanine Jablonski is the Owner and Director of Fourteen30 Contemporary, a Portland, Oregon-based contemporary art gallery. Now in its fourth year of programming, the gallery has presented more than 25 exhibitions of emerging and new generation of artists from around the world, including works by Frank Haines (US); Walead Beshty (US); Brendan Fowler (US); Alex Hubbard (US); Thomas Moecker (DE); Chris Johanson (US); Richard Jackson (US); Kim Fisher (US); Nick van Woert (US); Grier Edmundson (CA); Bobbi Woods (US) and Brian Kennon (US). Fourteen30 Contemporary works with museums, private and corporate collections, along with individual clients, providing them with a comprehensive selection of contemporary fine art.
Jablonski has held myriad of positions including work with various for profit and non-profit art institutions, including Delta Axis, Lantana Projects, Portland Art Center, and the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. She is the Co-founder of A Conversation in Culture, an independently published and distributed guide to the Northwest region.

MFA, Memphis College of Art; BFA, Oregon College of Art and Craft.


Grier Edmundson, looking around looking, Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portland 2011

Vamp & Tramp Book Sellers at MCA

Bill Stewart of Vamp & Tramp book sellers lecture at MCA in conjunction with the exhibition Revealed Terrain: Landscape in Contemporary Book Arts curated by Cynthia Thompson at the Brooks Museum.

CLICK HERE for more information about Vamp & Tramp book sellers.


Veda Reed at David Lusk Gallery in April

from dusk till dawn
featuring new works by Veda Reed, BFA 1956

Noctilucent Clouds, 2012, oil on canvas, 44×60″
April 3 – 28, 2012
Reception: Friday, April 6 from 6-8 pm

David Lusk Gallery
4540 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117