MCA is pleased to announce our new Alumni Association Officers!

Read about our new officers and their vision for the Alumni Association below. We look forward to working with them as they continue the wonderful work for MCA and alumni.

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Alumni Association Board Officers:

President: Sarah Blackburn
Purpose: “Our Alumni Association exists to preserve and promote the relationships between MCA and alumni. I would like to continue to build an organization that has significant impact and influence on MCA.
Over the past few years I have made a commitment to MCA students as an Alumni Mentor and Supervisor over MCA Interns. I am interested in expanding that commitment through the Alumni Association.
I want to create opportunities for alumni to network with each other through exhibits, mentoring and other events. Successful artists need both good art skills and to know the right people. Building a community of like-minded allies will help our careers in the long run. Let’s create a forum for members to discuss the successes and challenges that artists, galleries and arts agencies face each day.”

Three areas of focus: “Involvement, networking, and philanthropy. 1) Communicate our shared vision for MCA with Board of Directors. 2) Create a directory of alumni and friends who are ready to share their professional experiences and knowledge with students and alumni alike. 3) Encourage a culture of giving and ownership of MCA’s future.”

Vision for Alumni Association: “I envision a strong relationship between our alumni body and MCA Board of Directors. I would also hope to foster ongoing relationships between our alumni by region, major, and mutual interests.” 

Vice President: Kaitlyn Chandler
Purpose: “I want to be on this council to make MCA’s alumni as successful as possible. I want to create and promote resources that help aid and sustain, not just the artistic growth, but career growth of my fellow graduates as a whole.”

Three areas of focus: “My main focus would be to enrich business relationships of alumni from similar backgrounds. We could possibly integrate these relationships into or beyond the newsletter, as a way to offer advice and tactics from established alumni to students or new graduates. 
I would then focus on fostering and creating awareness of the mentorship program to alumni who may not know it exists. Hopefully this would create a domino effect which would start with one graduating class and later benefit future classes. 
Third, I would try to resolve any ongoing problems or issues with graduates and MCA. Unresolved problems that graduating classes may have with MCA won’t create a strong Alumni Association, and definitely won’t better the reputation of MCA.”

Vision for Alumni Association: “A transparent and authentic association that earnestly tries to help it’s graduates in effective ways by any means necessary.”

Secretary: Katie McWeeney 
“I would like to be a part of the Alumni council to promote Memphis College of Art as an institution, and to provide support and feedback that will strengthen the creative, educational, and professional communities.”

Three areas of focus: “1) Create and maintain communications that are consistent, accessible, and interesting. 2) Increase enthusiasm within the Alumni Association, MCA students, and supporting community. 3) Provide supportive and organizational skills to strengthen the Alumni Association in executing goals and objectives.”

Vision for Alumni Association: “The MCA Alumni Association will create a bridge that connects current students and alumni to facilitate a well-rounded, creative, and diverse professional community.”

Current Officers:

Officer Degree/Year Major
Sarah Blackburn, President BFA 1990 Fine Arts
Kaitlyn Chandler, Vice President BFA 2013 Digital Media
Katie McWeeney, Secretary
MFA 2013

Studio Arts

Carl E. Moore, Past President BFA 1987, MFA 2012 Graphic Design, Studio Arts