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General Scholarships


2015 CashCourse My Story Scholarship — Nov 30 2015

Annual Scholarship from Evergreen Beauty College — Jul 30 2014

Annual Scholarship from My Visa Source — Jul 30 2014

Asian Women in Business Scholarship — Oct 1 2014

B. Davis Scholarship ($1000) — May 23 2016

Boling Rich Scholarship — Jan 15 2015

Bridgat Scholarship — Dec 31 2014

Bryant Surety Scholarship — Jun 15 2015

Century Link Scholarship — Dec 15 2014 Scholarship — Nov 21 2014

Community Improvement Scholarship — Aug 10 2014

Cottage Inn Scholarship — May 31 2015

$1000 Course Hero Scholarship — Oct 31 2015 (monthly as well)

Clubs of America Scholarship — Aug 31 2015

Cyberbullying Awareness Scholarship — Dec 15 2014

Direct TV Scholarship — Sept 1 2014

Do Over Scholarship ($1500) — Jun 30 2016

Don’t Plagiarize Me, Bro! Scholarship — Jul 14 2014

Emergency Lights Scholarship — Dec 15 2014

Fifth Month Scholarship ($1500) — May 31 2016

Flavor of the Month Scholarship ($1500) — Jul 31 2016

Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship ($1000) — Dec 31 2015

General Scholarship for Higher Learning ($1500) — Oct 15 2015

Global English Editing Scholarship — Nov 21 2014

Goldberg & Osborne’s Don’t Text & Drive Scholarship — Oct 15 2014

Graduate Programs Pre-Grad Scholarship — Quarterly

Graduate School Scholarship — Quarterly

HavaHart Wireless ($500) — Oct 31 2015 (monthly as well)

Healthy Home Scholarship — Aug 15 2014

I Have a Dream Scholarship ($1500) — Jan 31 2015


Insider Scholarship — Apr 1 2015

Internet and Education Scholarship — Jun 14 2016 Scholarship — Aug 9 2015

Lift Parts Express Scholarship — Jun 30 2014

Look Twice, Save a Life Scholarship — Dec 1 2014

Make Me Laugh Scholarship ($1500) — Aug 31 2016

Mensa Education & Research Foundation Scholarship — Jan 15 2015

$2000 “No Essay” College Scholarship — Oct 31 2015 (monthly as well)

Stanfield and D’Orlando Scholarship (based on need) — May 1 2016

Superpower Scholarship ($2500) — Mar 31 2016

Sweet and Simple Scholarship ($1500) — Feb 29 2016

Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship ($1000) — Jan 30 2016

The Hotels Cheap Scholarship — Oct 15 2014

ThePennyHoarder $2,000 Frugal Student Scholarship — Feb 1 2015

Top Ten List Scholarship ($1500) — Dec 31 2015

Unigo $10k Scholarship ($10,000) — Dec 31 2015

Youth Volunteer Scholarship — Nov 29 2014

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship ($2000) — Oct 31 2016


Scholarship by Design Award

AMOUNT: $500
DEADLINE: May 1, 2013
ELIGIBILITY: Students must be currently attending a school as a high school senior or as an undergraduate student, be a resident of  either Canada or the United States and attend school on a full-time basis.

Black and Lee Scholarship
AMOUNT: $500
DEADLINE: May 15, 2013
ELIGIBILITY: Be between the ages of 15-20 on May 15, 2013. Submit answers to the essay question prior to the deadline. Be attending a post-secondary institution by the Fall of 2013

Caretenders Scholarship Program
AMOUNT: $500
ELIGIBILITY: Be attending an accredited university or college in the fall of 2013 in Canada or the United States.

LM Scholarship Program
AMOUNT: $1000
ELIGIBILITY: Currently enrolled or expects to be enrolled in a degree program (2 years of length or greater) by September 2013. Additionally, to be eligible a student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and submit an answer to the essay question prior to the submission deadline.

Rogers Community Volunteer Scholarship
AMOUNT: $500
DEADLINE: June 1, 2013
ELIGIBILITY: In order to be eligible for the Rogers Community Volunteer Scholarship Program, you must be attending school on a full-time basis during the fall of 2013 and be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at any level. Additionally, you must have contributed a minimum of 10 hours of non-paid, volunteer service within your community during the last 12 months and have maintained a GPA of 2.5 or greater.

Sedary & Associates Scholarship
AMOUNT: $500
DEADLINE: June 15, 2013
ELIGIBILITY: Be between the ages of 16-22 on the day your application is due, be enrolled in a college or university no later than the fall of 2013, submit an essay answering the question on the sponsor website.

Lift Parts Express Scholarship
AMOUNT: $100
DEADLINE: June 30, 2013
ELIGIBILITY: Must be a current senior in high school or a freshman or sophomore in college. Must be enrolled by fall of 2013 and a legal resident of Canada or the United States.

AMVETS National Scholarship Program
ELIGIBILITY: Must be a United States veteran and United States citizen; must be able to demonstrate financial need; must agree to authorize AMVETS to publicize your scholarship award, if you are selected
AMOUNT: $1,ooo per year for a maximum of 4 years
DEADLINE: April 15, 2013

Through the Looking Glass Scholarship
SPONSOR: National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families
ELIGIBILITY: Must be enrolled in a 4-year college in Fall 2013 and have at least one parent with a disability
AMOUNT: 15 $1,000 scholarships will be given out, renewable
DEADLINE: March 11, 2013

Student Educational Loan Fund for Gay and Lesbians
This scholarship provides emergency loans to young men or women whose parents have discontinued financial support for their education because they are lesbian or gay.
Go here to apply:

NEW! Charles R. Ullman & Associates Scholarship
SPONSOR: Charles R. Ullman & Associates
ELIGIBILITY: Any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student in the U.S.
AMOUNT: First prize is $3,500, Second prize is $1,500, Thrid prize is an iPad 32GB w/wi-fi, Forth prize is an iPad Mini 32GB with wi-fi.
DEADLINE: Essays must be submitted by 10 p.m. on April 15, 2013

Leopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship
SPONSOR: Leopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship
ELIGIBILITY: U.S. Citizens or permanent residents. Maximum age limit of 30 for undergraduate study awards. Maximum age limit of 40 for graduate study awards. Minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.
AMOUNT: up to $8,500
DEADLINE: Applications are now being accepted for the 2013-2014 academic year until scholarship funds run out.
ADDITIONAL INFO: A request for an Application Form must be sent to the Foundation. See web site for details.

Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
SPONSOR: Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
ELIGIBILITY: College and college-bound students ages 17-24.
AMOUNT: $10,000 (1) $5,000 (5) $2,500 (4) $1,000 (40)
DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted starting in February 2013
ADDITIONAL INFO: Students must submit an essay not exceeding 500 words or video (3 minutes max) describing how losing a parent or guardian affected them emotionally and financially. Essays should describe the impact that life insurance (or lack thereof) had on family finances and on the ability of students to fund.

Marine Corps Scholarship Fund
SPONSOR: Marine Corps Scholarship Fund
ELIGIBILITY: Student must be a child of an active duty or reserve U.S. Marine, a U.S. Marine who has received an Honorable Discharge, Medical Discharge, or was killed while on duty, an active duty or reserve U.S. Navy Corpsman who is serving or has served with the U.S. Marine Corps, a U.S. Navy Corpsman who has received an Honorable Discharge, Medical Discharge, or was killed while on duty. Student must also have a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
AMOUNT: $500 – $3,000
DEADLINE: Applications begin on January 1, 2013 – no deadline set yet
ADDITIONAL INFO: Eligible students also include grandchildren of U.S. Marine who served with the 4th Marine Division during World War II and is/was a member of their association, a U.S. Marine who served with the 6th Marine Division during World War II and is/was a member of their association, and a U.S. Marine who served in the 531 Gray Ghost Squadron and is/was a member of their association.

National Italian American Foundation Scholarships
SPONSOR: National Italian American Foundation
ELIGIBILITY: Must be enrolled in an accredited college or university during the fall of 2011 and have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident. For the purposes of the NIAF Scholarship Program, to be “Italian American” the student must have at least one ancestor who has immigrated from Italy.
AMOUNT: $2,000 – $5,000
ADDITIONAL INFO: The awards will be based on merit and divided between two groups of students. Group 1: Italian American students who demonstrate outstanding potential and high academic achievements. Area of study is open. Group 2: Students from any ethnic background majoring or minoring in Italian language, Italian American studies or a related field who demonstrates potential and high academic achievements.

Foster Care to Success
ELIGIBILITY: Must have been in foster care or orphaned while living in the U.S. Must have been in foster care for o consecutive year at the time of their 18th birthday, or have been adopted or taken into legal guardianship out of foster care or upon the death of their parents after their 16th birthday, or have lost both parents to death before the age of 18 and not been subsequently adopted or taken into legal guardianship.
AMOUNT: determined based on the cost of attendance and other resources
DEADLINE: Applications accepted January 1, 2013 to March 31, 2013
ADDITIONAL INFO: Online application and paperwork must be submitted by April 15th.

Pearson Foundation Prize for Higher Education
SPONSOR: Pearson Foundation Prize for Higher Education
ELIGIBILITY: Must have completed at lest one year of college, demonstrated leadership in community service, be attending a 2 or 4-year school.
AMOUNT: $ 1000 paid over 2 years (20) $500 paid in one year (50)
DEADLINE: April 19, 2013

Ronald Reagan Future Leaders Program
SPONSOR: The Phillips Foundation
ELIGIBILITY: Applications shall be US citizens enrolled in good standing enrolled as full-time students in an accredited 4-year degree granting institution. While sophomores are preferred, juniors may also apply.
AMOUNT: $1,00-$7,500
DEADLINE: January 15, 2013
ADDITIONAL INFO:  The nature of this award is merit-based rather then need-based. However, the foundation will take in to consideration evidence of financial need.


Travel Scholarships

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
SPONSOR: Institute of International Education
ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant; is applying or has been accepted into a study abroad program eligible for credit by the student’s accredited institution of higher education in the U.S.; the applicant is studying abroad for at least four weeks in one country.
DEADLINE: March 5, 2013
ADDITIONAL INFO: The Gilman Scholarship Program aims to support a divers range of students who have been traditionally under-represented in study abroad, including but not limited to: Students with high financial need, students studying in non-traditional countries, especially those outside of Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, students with diverse ethnic backgrounds, students with disabilities.