Keeping Financial Aid

Keeping Your Financial Aid

  • A satisfactory academic progress hold prevents all financial aid payments.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal, state, and university regulations require financial aid recipients to show satisfactory academic progress toward their degree. The policy must include a qualitative measure, such as a cumulative GPA, and a quantitative measure, such as a maximum time frame to complete a degree.


Get information on how to file an appeal if you lose your financial aid.


Programs Governed by SAP Requirements

Federal programs governed by this policy:

  • Grants including the Pell and Supplemental Education Opportunity.
  • Loans including the PLUS, Direct (Subsidized and Unsubsidized) and Graduate PLUS.
  • Work-Study

The policy also applies to:

  • State sponsored grants and scholarships, such as the Tennessee Student Assistance Award (TSAA) and Tennessee Lottery (HOPE) scholarship.
  • Agency sponsored assistance requiring institutional certification of SAP.
  • Some scholarship and grant programs funded by MCA.

SAP Requirements

To satisfy SAP requirements, you must:

  • Meet the minimum grade point average
    • 1.75 cumulative grade point average for undergraduate students up to 30 credit hours.
    • 2.00 cumulative grade point average for all other undergraduates students.
    • 3.00 semester and cumulative grade point average for all graduate students.
  • Earn the minimum number of credit hours each academic year. Students must complete 67% of their total attempted hours while enrolled at MCA.
  • Complete your degree within 150% of the time for the published length of the degree program. All transfer credit hours count toward the maximum time frame. For example, undergraduate degree programs require 120 credit hours to complete. 120 credit hours x 150% = 180 maximum attempted credit hours allow to complete a degree.

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