Graduate Financial Aid


MFA and MAT students who are not working on Transitional Licensure, pay graduate tuition and fees for one year (2015-2016 academic year) at $31,120.

Tuition for K-12 teaching professionals in the Graduate Education Program is $635 per credit hour for the 2015-2016 academic year.   This tuition discount scholarship requires verification of teaching employment by completing and submitting the form below prior to the first day of classes each semester.

Teacher Verification Form

Only federal student loans may be available for Graduate Education students taking six or more credit hours (see federal aid below).

Beyond tuition and fees, we estimate a student’s budget for one year based on payment of room and board, personal expenses such as transportation, clothing, and books/art supplies.  Our budget estimates are based on the higher end resident housing costs and other miscellaneous costs. You may spend less than our estimates.

MFA / MAT GRADUATE BUDGET (2015 – 2016):

Cost of attending MCA in 2015 – 2016. Other than tuition costs, expenses will vary greatly depending on personal preference and restraint.

Tuition and fees for one year
Art supplies and books (estimated)
Housing (cost of MCA’s most expensive housing facility)
Food (estimated)
Personal expenses (estimated)

HOUSING COSTS (per year):

At the Park – shared apartment for 2 students
Fogelman Hall – Suite-style housing with single rooms and shared common spaces for 4 students
Metz Hall – Suite-style housing with single rooms and
shared common spaces for 4 students
 Parkside $5,500
 Parkside Efficiency $6,000

How to apply for Institutional and Federal Aid:

A student need only submit all required application materials to be considered for institutional scholarships, grants, and work study. Students will be notified of merit/portfolio awards along with acceptance notification. MCA awards are determined by admissions review ranking.

Eligibility for Federal Aid is determined upon receipt of a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Parental information is not needed on this form, as all graduate level students are considered independent.

Federal student loans are available to graduate students enrolled for at least six credit hours. Also, many private lenders offer credit-based alternative educational loans.

Direct Student Loan Request Form (click link to open a PDF file in a new window)

Graduate students may be awarded Federal or College Work-Study through the admissions and financial aid process. An average yearly allotment of $500 is awarded allowing the student to work during the academic year and in some cases during the summer months. Work-Study is paid in the form of a paycheck at a rate of $9.00 per hour.

International students are not eligible for federal or state aid.

To complete and file the FAFSA form, students should go online at

Additional information is available at
Applications are also available from the MCA Financial Aid Office.

The MCA required federal code is 003507.

Special Circumstances:

If you have a unique financial situation, please contact our Financial Aid Office at
1-800-727-1088 or locally at 901-272-5136. We’re happy to provide assistance.

MCA Scholarships:

MFA and MAT students are eligible for merit scholarship awards. Graduate scholarships range from $3,000 per year to full-tuition and are renewable each semester, after a first probationary semester, based on maintaining a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0. If the GPA is not maintained, the scholarship will be reinstated the semester after the required GPA is reached. These awards are based on full-time attendance and will be pro-rated for part-time enrollment.

MFA students interested in developing and using teaching skills may be given the opportunity to work with one of the undergraduate faculty as a Teaching Assistant for an existing course. Teaching Assistants are awarded $1,000 over the course of the semester.Graduate and Teaching Assistantship Opportunities:

Outside Scholarship Opportunities:

MCA recommends that students do some research to find available scholarships sponsored through organizations and companies. These scholarships may be located through free online searches. Other potential resources are parents’ employers, churches, or other organizations in which a family might be active. MCA distributes scholarship application information received by the financial aid office to eligible enrolled students.