Registration Info/Forms

Class Changes – Drop / Add / Withdrawal

You may drop or add courses during the first week of the semester, and no notation will appear on your transcript. MCA permits withdrawal from a course through the eighth week of the semester, whereupon the Registrar will issue you the letter grade W. After the eighth week, the Registrar will record withdrawal as an F, except in unusual circumstances as determined by the VPAA. Important dates and deadlines can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Advising and Registration for the Spring 2018 semester and Summer 2018 term

The Spring 2018 & Summer 2018 Schedule of Classes is now available.

All students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor now during the advisor’s office hours.

To register each student must complete the Course Registration Form with advisor’s approval and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. Important dates and deadlines can be found in the Academic Calendar.

After registrations are processed, Student Schedules will be made available digitally from the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will notify the students via an email to their accounts when their schedules are available.

Textbooks for Spring 2018

A list of all the new textbooks you will need for Spring 2018 is available here.

Important Notices

Please see the Business Office and the Director of Financial Aid concerning your tuition payments, grants, loans and scholarships.


Please see the Director of Career Development for information concerning internships. Click here to learn more.

Registration Forms

An alphabetical listing of forms commonly used in the Registrar’s Office is available below. Please print and complete the desired form along with required signatures, and turn into the Registrar’s Office for processing.

  • Application for Independent Study
    Use this form to request approval for an Independent Study. This must be submitted with the Course Registration Form.
    Click here to download
  • Change of Address Form
    Use this form to change your local or permanent address.
    Click here to download.
  • Course Registration Form
    Use this form to select your course schedule. Be sure to include alternate courses.
    Click here to download
  • Course Waiver or Substitution Form
    Use this form to request permission to waive a course prerequisite or substitute a required course for another. This must be submitted with the Course Registration Form.
    Click here to download.
  • Declaration of Major/Concentration
    Use this form to officially declare your major, concentration and/or minor.
    Click here to download.
  • Department Clearance Form
    Use this form to complete your graduation clearance requirement.
    Click here to download.
  • Enrollment Verification Request Form
    Use this form to request enrollment verification letters from the Registrar’s Office. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.
    Click here to download.
  • Greater Memphis Consortium Registration Form
    Use this form to register for classes at Greater Memphis Consortium college.
    Click here to download.
  • Petition for Incomplete Grade
    Use this form to petition for incomplete grade(s).
    Click here to download.
  • Petition to Enroll at Another College
    Use this form to petition to take courses at another college.
    Click here to download.
  • Petition to Participate in Graduation Ceremony and BFA Show Before Completing Academic Obligations
    Use this form to petition to take courses over the summer to fulfill the final requirements of your program of study.
    Click here to download.
  • Student Consent to Release Grades
    Use this form to allow MCA to release grades and other academic information to your parents.
    Click here to download.
  • Suspension Appeal Form
    Use this form to appeal an academic suspension.
    Click here to download.

Definition of a Credit Hour

Most coursework at Memphis College of Art carry 3 hours of semester credit. A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree. A minimum of 9 clock hours per week is required for 3 hours of credit. Studio classes meet for 5 hours per week and expect 4 hours of outside study. Academic classes meet for 3 hours and expect 6 hours of outside study. Enrollment in 15 credit hours of coursework requires a minimum of 45 hours of study per week. Other credited coursework (Independent Study, travel experiences, practicum) will meet the same minimum standards (9 hours of combined study for 3 hours of credit) for assigning credits. All course syllabi, independent study contracts, travel experience and practicum descriptions will state the minimum requirements for assigning credits.

All grades for academic work are based on the quality of the work submitted (as defined by individual course syllabi and/or course assessment rubrics) and not on hours of effort.

Academic work required of graduate and professional students will exceed stated undergraduate requirements for assigning credit.

Memphis College of Art does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or other status protected by law. Additional Information