Academic Advisors


Faculty Phone # Office Hours Office Location
Dr. Lucienne Auz
272-5159, ext. 242 T/Th: 12–1:30p Rust 111
Elizabeth Brown
272-5156 T/Th: 2–3:30p Rust 302
Dr. Ellen Daugherty
272-5144                       T; 9–10a & W: 12–1p  Gibson 128 (T)
Rust 303 (W)
Maritza Dávila
M: 11:35a–12:05p & 3:35–4:05p
T/Th: 1–2p & W: 6–7p
Rust 016a (M, T, Th)
Butler Hall East (W)
Don DuMont
(by appointment)
Rust 256
Colleen Fitzgerald
M: 8–9a Rust 010 (Photo Classroom)
Kate Gerry
(N/A for SP16)
901-272-5184 T: 3:30–5p
F: 12–1:30p
Gibson 130
Adam Hawk
272-5119 T/Th: 1–2p & W: 8–9a Rust 038 (Metals Office)
Jean Holmgren
M–Th: 12–1p Rust 201a (Illustration Office)
Tom Lee
(email for appointment)
272-5143 T–Th:
Sculpture area
Susan Maakestad
272-5187 T: 1–2p Th: 12–2p Rust 351 (T)
Rust 351a (Th)
Shane McDermott
W: 1–4p Gibson 156
Haley Morris-Cafiero
359-9893 T/Th:2–3p Rust 105
Joe Morzuch
M/W: 8–9a  Rust 301 (Painting Studio)
Michele Noiset
272-5182 M/W:8–9a & M: 12–1p  Rust 201A
Cat Normoyle
T–Th: 8–9a Rust 256
Soyoung Park
229-5170 T: 11a–2p Gibson 144
Bill Price
272-5119 (o)
229-2967 (c) 
M: 3:30–4:30p & T/Th: 8–9a
Rust 038 (Metals Office)
Marc Rouillard
M: 11:30a–12p, T/Th: 8:30–9a & 1:30–2p, W: 3:30–4:30p Butler Hall East (M/T/Th)
Studio 33 (W)
Michael Shaw
M/W: 6:30–8p MacLab 4
Leandra Urrutia
Please text first and you will be directed to ceramics or Gibson.
240-4205 (c) T–Th: 4–5p Ceramics Studio
Jill Wissmiller
272-5166 T: 4:40–5p & Th: 11:30a–2p Rust 004a (MacLab 3)


Faculty Phone # Office Hours Office Location
Eszter Sziksz
272-6851 M/T/Th: 10–11a Nesin 204
Haley Morris-Cafiero
359-9893 M/W/F: 3:30–4:30p
Rust 105
Shannon Elliott
272-5191 T: 3–5:30p  Nesin 210
Dr. Angela Christopher
M–Th: 4:30–5:30p Nesin 211

Special appointments may also be arranged. Contact each faculty member for details.
If your advisor is on leave or on sabbatical, please see the Registrar for further information.