Graduate Facilities

Graduate School:
Graduate studios and labs are located in the Nesin Graduate School at 477 South Main. Located within are two computer labs in addition to a separate digital and analog audiovisual lab for video editing and motion graphics. Three gallery spaces are used throughout the year to exhibit graduate student work, including a separate space that accommodates installation work. All MFA candidates are provided 24 hours access to studios in the Nesin Graduate School for the duration of their candidacy.

Rust Hall:
Graduate students have access to the undergraduate facilities in Rust Hall.
• MCA’s shop has 4,400 square feet with machines for woodworking, metalworking, plastic molding, mat cutting, glass cutting, and stretcher and frame construction.
• MCA’s sculpture studios provide space and equipment for work in Metals (large scale, welding, foundry, forge, and small metals), plaster, Ceramics (nine wheels, a space for hand-building and glazing and a semi-enclosed firing room, Fiber arts/surface design (dye room, washer/dryer, range tops, refrigerators and sewing machines.
• Printmaking (facilities for lithography, etching, serigraphy and other print processes including 3 Etching presses and 2 litho presses), papermaking (beaters, a 36-square-foot vacuum table, a hydraulic press and a larger hydraulic pulper), and book arts (three letterpresses and a bindery). All studios provide easy interaction between these related media.
• Photo Lab facilities include 10 workstations equipped with Omega large-format enlargers and 12 workstations equipped with Beseler medium-format enlargers. Color printing is accomplished with a large format archival Epson printer with professional color management software.
• Digital imaging labs have standard Adobe Creative Suite software, digital cameras, slide and transparency scanners, and flatbed scanners.
• A lighting studio houses electronic strobe equipment, backgrounds, and medium and large format cameras. Also available are facilities for non-silver alternative photo processes.