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Art Education

Memphis College of Art offers two graduate-level degree programs in Art Education, as well as three non-degree programs. The programs allow students to explore career opportunities available to artists as educators in schools, museums and community organizations. The fields of study combine studio practices with the intellectual and professional experiences necessary for furthering or starting a career as an art educator. Click here to view the Conceptual Framework or click here to download the Institutional Report (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format).

Courses can be applied to the following:

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT):

The MAT degree program is designed for candidates committed to the growth and development of others through the exchange of knowledge, but are not yet certified as teachers. Candidates must have a BFA, BS or BA with a strong studio concentration. The program integrates hands-on experience with studio preparation, ensuring that candidates are informed by practice, current theory and research. Upon completion of this program, and obtaining passing scores on the required Praxis II exams, graduates are eligible for K-12 certification in Visual Arts in Tennessee and by reciprocal agreement, most other states. (40 hours)

Master of Arts in Education (MAArtEd):

The MAArtEd degree program is designed principally for experienced, licensed educators who are ready to further develop their artistic, scholarly, and leadership capabilities in art education. The program explores new approaches to creating, teaching and researching visual arts processes. (31 hours)

Add on Endorsement in Art Education:

This program is designed for teachers licensed in areas other than K-12 art, and demonstrate a strong background in visual arts. Candidates may add an endorsement by passing Praxis II Exam: Art Content and Analysis (0135) and by completing coursework as determined by faculty advisors. Candidates employed full-time as a teacher can receive a scholarship in the form of reduced tuition by submitting a Teaching Verification Form.

Transitional Licensure in Art Education:

This program is for candidates who hold a BFA, BS, or BA degree and have a minimum of 24 hours of studio coursework, are currently employed by a school system and who must gain state licensure in Visual Arts K-12). Candidates take 19 hours of coursework that must be completed within three years.The 19 hours can be applied toward the MAT degree with application and acceptance into the program. Candidates must work full-time as a visual arts teacher, pass all required Praxis II exams, apply annually for licensure renewal and have at least two years of satisfactory school evaluations. (19 hours)

Plus 30 Semester Hours:

This program is for licensed art educators with a masters degree. The Plus 30 Semester Hour Program allows for future pursuit of additional studies for professional development and pay increases from respective school systems. Entry to courses is on a space available basis in the published schedule of classes.



Art Education Faculty

Shannon Elliott

Dr. Shannon Elliott

Director of Art Education Programs
(901) 272-5191, ext. 287

Dr. Shannon Elliott came to Memphis in 2013 to serve as MCA’s Director of Graduate Art Education programs after a long career in art education in New York State. Upon moving to Tennessee, Elliott didn’t miss a beat to get involved with the Tennessee Art Education Association (TAEA), as she had previously served as vice president on the board of the New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA). In October 2016, the TAEA announced Elliott as the Higher Education Art Teacher of the Year. Read more…



angela-christopherDr. Angela Christopher

Assistant Professor
(901) 272-5165
Rust 012A

As assistant professor in the Graduate Art Education department, Angela teaches, assists with teacher licensure, clinical practice and advises thesis students. Angela previously worked with Tipton County Schools as the teacher effectiveness coordinator. She has also worked with online learning, beginning and pre-service teachers at the University of Memphis, and has taught visual arts in elementary, middle and high schools. Read more…

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