Financial Aid

Covering College Costs

A private art college education is an investment in your future. Especially from a school that takes ensuring your professional success in the arts as seriously as Memphis College of Art.

The Financial Aid Office stands ready to help you apply for all the federal, state, institutional, and outside scholarship aid that you may be eligible to receive. The next few pages cover costs for attending MCA, how to apply for scholarships and financial aid, what forms you will need to complete, and resources for applying for outside scholarships.

The different sources for financial aid are combined to make a financial aid package for each student. Students are provided a financial aid award letter that will itemize their aid eligibility. Once students are registered for classes an invoice will be sent from MCA’s Business Office showing costs minus aid and the balance a student will owe for the semester. Students living in Memphis College of Art student housing will have this charge applied to their account as well.

Contact us at 901-272-5136 or 800-272-1088 with any questions or for financial aid assistance.

Fax: 901-272-5134

Paying Your Bill

Payments can be made to the Business Office through Paypal, credit card, or by check. Information regarding payments will be sent along with invoices approximately six weeks prior to each semester start. Meal plans and payment plans may be arranged by contacting the Business Office Accounts Payables staff at 901-272-5124.

Memphis College of Art Business Office

1930 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: 901-272-5124

Memphis College of Art Tuition Refund and Housing Refund Policy

The tuition refund policy is based upon the date of formal withdrawal from the college or from a course. Formal withdrawal from the college must be made to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Withdrawal from a course must be made to the Registrar in writing. Withdrawals may not be retroactive to an earlier date. Failure of a student to officially withdraw will void any entitlement he or she may have to a refund. No tuition refund will be made to any student suspended or dismissed for any academic or disciplinary reasons. Tuition refunds cannot be made for employment conflicts, medical problems, moving out of town, or other reasons that are beyond the college’s control or responsibility.

Housing refunds for students withdrawing from the college will be made according to the Tuition Refund Policy. Lease agreements signed in the fall term are for the academic year unless a student graduates or withdraws from the college. Leases may not be broken. Students with extenuating circumstances may appeal for a cancellation of the lease agreement in writing to the Director of Student Life.

Click here for refund policy information and timeframe.

Make a payment via PayPal

We do accept payments via PayPal. To make a payment via Paypal, go to or the Paypal app and send your payment to with a description of the payment, or the student’s name in the description.

Memphis College of Art does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or other status protected by law. Additional Information