Maria Bibbs

Maria Bibbs
Assistant Professor
Liberal Arts – General Ed

BA, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
MA, University of Wisconsin – Madison
PhD, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Maria Bibbs joined the MCA faculty in the fall of 2011. She specializes in writing pedagogy, African American literature and print culture, feminist theory and critical race theory. Her interests also include the history of literacy laws and African American writing and activism during the Progressive Era. She is particularly interested in using archival research to investigate how the United States’ unique political history informs our current attitudes toward the act of reading and writing and its role in social advancement. Bibbs argues that the early 20th Century’s racial climate and its religious and secular ideologies regarding social uplift impacted the period’s debates around public education and, in turn, shaped literacy’s longstanding status as a rhetorical object and a mobilizing force in the black community.

Bibbs teaches Writing 1 and 2 and a graduate class in critical theory. She also serves as the coordinator for the first-year writing courses.

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