At the core of the College are its rigorous academic programs. Whether studying at the undergraduate or graduate level, each student is guided through the intellectual and technical aspects of artmaking and discourse. To provide the best experience for learning, small classes (typical studio class size is 12–15) are prepared and offered by a faculty of artists and scholars, all dedicated to the personal growth and development of each student.

MCA also has several extra-curricular opportunities for students to expand their learning environment beyond the formal classroom:

  • MCA belongs to a consortium of local colleges that allows full-time students to take classes at other local colleges, at no additional cost, where you can study practically any subject that interests you or may help you in your career, from marketing to metaphysics.
  • Museum seminar trips to foreign and domestic cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, Moscow, Mexico City, New York and Chicago afford students the chance to whet their experiential palettes.
  • The truly adventuresome and hearty spirits may want to travel to Mississippi’s Horn Island to live for a week: camping, communing and creating art in a pristine environment. There are no modern amenities; only creatures, sand and the Gulf. When you return from Horn Island, you’ll create work for the largest exhibition of the year. The Horn Island Workshop has attracted the interest of writers from Smithsonian, The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Associated Press.
  • Through programs in conjunction with the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), you can spend a semester studying at any of the 30 participating art colleges, from the Gulf to the Great Lakes, and earn credit toward your degree at no additional cost.