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If you need to place a work request, click here and then enter the password “MCA” for immediate assistance with facility matters.

Environmental Policy:
MCA is committed to educating the entire college community in responsible environmental sustainability through policy, training and practice.  Click here to read MCA’s ratified environmental policy.

If digital arts animation, merged media, and graphic design are your thing, you’ll be happy to know that MCA has not one, but four computer labs which feature the latest Macs with additional high-end creative applications for student use. Four professional quality printers with archival ink are available as are high-resolution flatbed scanners and a large format print lab that prints 48” wide. What’s more, the computer labs are open until midnight every weeknight except on Mondays and Wednesdays, when students have 24-hour access to the school. To enhance your digital or graphic arts projects, digital cameras, both still and video, are also available to students for check out from the instructor.

Are the fine arts more your scene? MCA’s 4,400 square foot shop is equipped with machines for woodworking, metalworking, mat cutting, glass cutting, shrink-wrapping and stretcher and frame construction. A full-time shop supervisor is available to help with use of equipment and oversee safety.

Large studios for both metals and clay boast great spaces for pursuing 3-D work. MCA has separate foundry and welding areas for casting and large metal work; while small metals artists enjoy private welding and soldering stations and a casting room. The clay studio features 9 kick wheels and 6 electric wheels, a second space exclusively for handbuilding and glazing and a semi-enclosed firing room.

Convenience and technology reign in the printmaking, papermaking and book arts studios, which are arranged to provide easy interaction between these related media. 
Printmaking has facilities for lithography, etching, serigraphy, and other print processes. Book Arts includes three letterpresses and a bindery. The wet room is equipped with beaters, a hydraulic press and a hydraulic pulper for papermaking.

Photographers and digital imaging studies will be hard pressed to find anything lacking from MCA’s photo lab facilities. Ten workstations feature Omega large format enlargers, twelve are equipped with Beseler medium format enlargers. A digital imaging workstation has digital cameras, slide and transparency scanners, flatbed scanners, and a high–resolution film printer. A lighting studio houses electronic strobe equipment, background and medium and large format cameras. Facilities for non-silver alternative photo processes are also available, along with access to light tables and a large format printer.

Of course, we also emphasize academics. The MCA library has 16,000+ volumes, 1,187 art journals and other periodicals, almost 30,000 slides, and an extensive collection of reproductions. Additionally, audio-visual equipment, a computer writing lab, and an image file are available for student use.

There is never waiting for computers or a line to get time in the darkroom. Our students’ opportunities to explore ideas and develop their creative processes are made that much bigger by our selective size. It’s just one more thing that makes MCA truly a great place to learn, do, and be.

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