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MCA Staff Directory

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Name Title Email Phone Department
Adrian Scullark Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030 Security
Alfred Flowers Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030 Security
Andrea Crowley Director of Professional Practices 901-272-5172 Career Development
Anne-Marie Harrell Director of Accounting and Payroll Services 901-272-5126 Administrative Staff
Annette James Moore Director of Student Success 901-272-5153 Student Services
Ashley Walker Community Education Program Administrator 901-272-5142 Community Education
Beverly Vinson Security Officer 901-507-3030 Security
Bill Price Associate Professor 901-272-5119 Faculty
Bud Richey Vice President for Advancement and Student Affairs (901) 272-5152 Faculty
Carrie Allison Brooks Career Development Director 901-272-5160 Career Development
Catherine Wilson Vice President of Academic Affairs; Dean of Faculty; Interim Director of Art Education Programs 901-272-5191 Faculty
Charles Johnson Maintenance Technician 901-272-5148 Maintenance
Chris Allen Shop Supervisor 901-272-5180 Faculty
Cody Barnhill Achievement Support Coordinator 901-272-5181 Student Services
Deanna Thomas Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030 Security
Don DuMont Associate Professor 901-272-5112 Faculty
Ellen Daugherty Professor, Chair of Liberal Arts 901-272-5144 Faculty
Emily Martinez Associate Registrar 901-272-5139 Academic Affairs
Eric Huber Instructor Faculty
Geneva Fennell Campus Security Officer 901-507-3030 Security
Heather F. Wetzel Assistant Professor Faculty
IT Help Desk IT Help Desk Information Technology
Jean Holmgren Assistant Professor Faculty
JoEllen Motley Business Office Specialist 901-272-5124 Business Office
Katie Schwehr Library Supervisor 901-272-5131 Library
Kevin Seldon Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030 Security
Laura Hine President 901-272-5145 Advancement
Leandra Urrutia Associate Professor 901-272-5127 Faculty
Lisa Zyriek Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations (901) 272-5106 Business Office
Marilyn Koester Communications Manager; Title IX Coordinator 901-272-5113 Communications & Marketing
Michael Shaw Instructor (901) 272-5190 Faculty
Michele Noiset Associate Professor 901-272-5182 Faculty
Nicholous Darmstaedter Director of Student Life 901-272-5117 Student Services
Olivia Wall Coordinator of External Engagement 901-272-5162 Exhibitions
Susan Maakestad Professor 901-272-5187 Faculty
Terri Johnson Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030 Security
Tom Lee Professor 901-272-5143 Faculty

Memphis College of Art does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or other status protected by law. Additional Information