Alumni Stories Campaign

We know why you go to college.

As an artist, you want a first-rate education from talented faculty that will teach you everything you need to perfect your craft. You want to be nurtured and guided to grow as a professionally trained artist.

You also want to make a living.

MCA knows that professional and entrepreneurial┬áproficiencies are important to your success. That’s why we’ve made them a part of our curriculum for each student. To emphasize our focus on equipping you with marketable skills, we’ve developed a new campaign featuring some of our successful alumni. They’re all artists, just like you. They each made the decision to pursue their passions and have turned them into thriving careers.

Whether you become a designer at a nationally recognized ad firm or a canvas painter selling your works in galleries, MCA will help you develop the skills you need to be competitive and successful.

We make art work. So can you. Click on the pictures below to see how MCA helped these artists succeed.

Gary BackausKen CokerCamilla Huey