Administration & Staff


Remy Miller | Dean of Faculty
901-272-5107 ext. 214

Laura Hine | Interim President

Susan Miller | VP for Student Affairs
901-272-5152 ext.230

George Ninan | VP for Operations
901-272-5125 ext. 217

Staff Directory

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Name Title Email Phone
Aaron White Director of Financial Aid 901-272-5136 ext.252
Adrian Scullark Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Alfred Flowers Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Andrea Crowley 901-272-5172 ext. 209
Angela Little Director of Maintenance 901-272-5147 ext. 268
Anne-Marie Harrell Director of Accounting and Payroll Services 901-272-5126 ext. 225
Annette James Moore Director of Student Success 901-272-5153 ext.217
April Eason Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Ashley Walker Career Development Coordinator 901-272-5160
Becca Hart Career Development Advisor 901-272-5100, ext. 273
Brandon Ezell Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Candace White Staff Accountant 901-272-5137 ext.254
Candace Williams Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Carrie Allison Brooks Career Development Director 901-272-5160 ext. 251
Cecilia Palazola Director of Community Education 901-272-5142 ext.228
Charles Johnson Maintenance Technician 901-272-5148, ext. 233
Chloe York Community Education Associate 901-272-5116 ext.270
Cody Barnhill Achievement Support Coordinator 901-272-5181 ext.280
Daniel Stewart Maintenance Technician 901-272-5147 ext.268
Derrick Casey Librarian 901-272-5118 ext. 218
Dylan Fullerton IT Systems and Network Administrator
Erica Simpson Registrar 901-272-5139 ext. 253
Essie Willis Assistant, Food Services 901-272-5164 ext.232
George Ninan VP for Operations 901-272-5125 ext. 217
Gregory Keith Moore Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Haley Morris-Cafiero Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs 901-272-5171 ext. 247
Hannah Mathews Admissions Counselor 901-272-5108 ext.267
Holly Guthrie Director of Events 901-272-5168 ext.255
IT Help Desk IT Help Desk
Jonathan Welden Associate VP for Operations 901-272-5121 ext.227
Katey Henriksen Associate Director of Enrollment 901-272-5154 ext.249
Katherine Lawson Director of Community Engagement 901-272-5167 ext.259
Kristen Rambo Alumni Coordinator 901-272-5162 ext.262
Laura Hine Interim President 901-272-5145
Lisa Tribo Goodwin Art Center Supply Store Manager 901-272-5146
Louis D’Aoust Maintenance Technician 901-272-5147 ext.268
Marilyn Koester Communications Manager 901-272-5113
Marvin Houston Assistant Manager, Food Services 901-272-5164 ext.232
Mary Caywood Senior Director of Marketing & Communications 901-272-5111 ext. 248
Melissa Farris Galleries, Exhibitions and Lectures Coordinator 272-5199 ext. 220
Natalie Schuh Photographer & Social Media Coordinator 901-272-5132 ext.239
Nicholous Darmstaedter Director of Student Life 901-272-5117 ext.256
Obie Ray Boyd Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Olivia Logan Admissions Assistant 901-272-5151 ext.215
Russell Batts Director of Campus Safety 901-272-5196 ext.241
Shannon Elliott Director, Graduate Art Education Programs 901-272-5191 ext. 287
Sharron Brown Shift Commander, Campus Safety 901-272-5130 ext.250
Spencer Johnson Shift Commander, Campus Safety 901-507-3030
Stephanie White Executive Admissions Counselor 901-272-5157 ext.237
Steven Wilbourn Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Susan Miller VP for Student Affairs 901-272-5152 ext.230
Sylvia Page Librarian 901-272-5131 ext. 243
Terrance Houston Manager, Food Services 901-272-5164 ext.232
Terri Johnson Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Wesley Washington Campus Safety Officer 901-507-3030
Zara Garza Admissions Counselor 901-272-5135 ext.231

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