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PM410 Printmaking Seminar

Students develop a body of work around a single concept and vision. Individualized assignments and critiques are matched to each student’s ideas and work. Professional practices and communication skills relevant to the discipline are taught, preparing students for graduate education and encouraging the application of critical and visual thinking to their career paths in long-term,  … Read more

PM215 Printmaking Fundamentals

The experience of printmaking is explored through historical techniques. Monotype, screenprinting and collograph techniques will be used by students to explore their concepts. Printmaking concentration requirement; fall semester. Pre-reqs: All Foundations coursework

PM310 Intaglio Printmaking

The students will learn basic techniques of intaglio like, line etching, aquatint, open bite, drypoint and possibly polymer plates.The history and conceptual development of images will be part of the course. Printmaking concentration requirement. Offered in the spring semester. Pre-reqs: All Foundations coursework

PM240 Relief Printmaking

This course will cover techniques using woodcut and linocut in various approaches to create prints. The history of the processes will be discussed. Prints will be made with concepts that are developed throughout the course. Printmaking concentration requirement; fall semester. Pre-reqs: All Foundations coursework

DM355 Digital Printmaking 1

This is a truly interdisciplinary course combining digital imaging with printmaking processes and extends imaging options beyond the computer. The course focuses on the use of digital technologies to create hand pulled prints and hybrid prints using traditional and photo-printmaking processes mixed with giclee’ printing. The goal is to find a balance between the technical  … Read more

Work-Study Opportunities

Open Job Opportunities   President’s Suite Assistant – (1 position available) Art Education Assistant – (2 positions available) Community Education Assistant – (1 position available) Liberal Arts Assistant – (1 position available)   To apply for any of the above positions, click here.   Closed Job Opportunities Academic Affairs Assistant 1 – (1-2 positions available) Admissions  … Read more

IL399 Special Topics: Image and Application

This class is tailored specifically to the graphic design or illustration student who wants to work with traditional letterpress in combination with printmaking techniques. Applications will demonstrate the use of text in combination with screen printing, monotype, etching, and other printmaking approaches. Illustration Elective. Pre-reqs: Foundations

MCA Faculty Receive International Recognition

Contact: Natalie Fleenor Communications Coordinator (901) 272-5113 Feb. 22, 2017   Memphis College of Art Faculty Receive International Recognition and Awards         Memphis College of Art provides a rigorous curriculum in an intimate, diverse community to empower generations of leading artists, designers and educators to flourish professionally and contribute valuable ideas to society. MCA is  … Read more

Faculty Videos

Our faculty have a passion for art and teaching art.    Haley Morris-Cafiero – Photography   Remy Miller – Foundations   Michael Shaw – Animation   Michele Noiset – Illustration & Comics   Cat Normoyle – Graphic Design   Joe Morzuch – Painting & Drawing   Tom Lee – Sculpture   Maritza Davila – Printmaking  … Read more

MCA Announces 2016 Fall BFA Exhibition

Contact: Natalie Fleenor Communications Coordinator (901) 272-5113 Nov. 10, 2016   Memphis College of Art Announces 2016 Fall BFA Exhibition Six BFA candidates present works in professional gallery-style exhibition MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis College of Art (MCA) announces the 2016 Fall BFA Exhibition, on view Nov. 23–Dec. 7 in the Rust Hall Main Gallery, 1930 Poplar Ave., Overton  … Read more

Private Lessons

Private Lessons Dive deeper into your favorite media! Private lessons for adults and youth are available year-round at our Overton Park location. Lessons are offered in a variety of media and are taught by accomplished teaching artists who will customize the learning objectives to your needs. Private lessons are perfect for those looking for more individualized attention and  … Read more

Horn Island

Horn Island For more than 30 years, MCA students have been following in the footsteps of American artist Walter Anderson as they make a 12-day excursion to Horn Island, a pristine barrier island off the coast of Mississippi. Horn Island’s unspoiled vistas, rich marine life and hundreds of species of birds provided inspiration for many  … Read more

Alumni Resources

Alumni Profiles Jina Bolton is a 2006 BFA graduate majoring in computer arts. She is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Web Design New Media at Academy of Art University. Until February 2009, Jina was a Visual Interaction Designer at Apple, Inc.’s corporate offices in San Francisco. She is currently one of two  … Read more

Career Resources

Career Connections Visit MCA’s new CareerConnections site! Career Development Career Services Four-Year Plan A listing of activities and services to support career development at each   level of student’s degree program   Assessments: Creative Career Path Inventory (CCPI) The CCPI is a tool and process unique to MCA that supports students’ career journeys. This assessment and the  … Read more

PM260 Western Papermaking

The gap between ancient, non-mechanized hand papermaking practices and the modern-day, industrialized methods of making paper will be bridged by demonstration of techniques such as embossing, embedding and pulp painting. Assignments will focus on proper pulp preparation using fibers such as cotton, abaca and bamboo, sheet formation and how to use handmade paper as both  … Read more

MFA in Metals

MFA in Metals The interdisciplinary program offers the opportunity to focus on methods that are most appropriate to the individual students. This may include traditional studio practice, digital technologies or a multi-disciplinary course of study. A critical dialogue will be developed between the graduate advisors and the students investigating the questions: What are the ideas  … Read more

MFA in Illustration

MFA in Illustration Memphis College of Art’s MFA in Illustration program challenges students to focus on developing a prolific and cohesive body of work that reflects their personal voice. A faculty committee assigned to each student creates a solid framework to provide feedback and industry expertise. With communication at its core, the MFA in Illustration  … Read more

MCA Presents Best in Class 2015/2016

MCA will present Best in Class 2015/2016, an exhibition of the most creative undergraduate artwork from the academic year. The exhibition will be on view May 16–July 8 in the Rust Hall Main Gallery, 1930 Poplar Ave., Overton Park.

Spring Break Classes (Spring 2016)

For students ages 12-15. Our spring break classes are one-session workshops designed for exploring new media or techniques that you’ve always wanted to try. Just for fun, these classes are great for learning something new in a relaxed setting. $40 for each workshop or $140 for all four, supplies included | Register by March 14  … Read more