Maritza Dávila

Maritza Dávila



BA, University of Puerto Rico
MFA, Pratt University

Maritza Dávila-Irizarry is a professor of Fine Arts at MCA. She teaches Printmaking, is head of the printmaking/book arts/papermaking area and is chair of the Fine Arts program. Maritza is the owner of Atabeira Press, established 1989.

Maritza was born in Santurce, PR, on April 18, 1952. She studied at the University of Puerto Rico from 1970–74, where she earned her BA in Art Education, Printmaking and Painting, graduating cum laude. She also studied at the Pratt Graphics Center from 1974-75 and earned her MFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 1977.

She has numerous awards, and her work is featured in national and international collections and exhibited extensively worldwide, including solo shows in New York, Maine, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia. She’s had collective exhibitions throughout the United States and in Germany, Poland, Finland, France, Norway, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Her artworks are in collections in France, United States, Spain, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Poland, Japan and Finland.

Her work is included in Printmakers Today (2011) by Jaffrey Snider and Latin American Women Artists of the United States: The Works of 33 Twentieth-Century Women (1998) by Robert Henkes, among other publications.

Maritza has curated and co-curated several exchange portfolios and has collaborated with the poet Kay Lindsey for Dancing in the Dirt and most recently with Indrani Nayar–Gall.

“The thread that runs through my work is the collection of experiences that, through blood and culture, make me who I am. My work reflects these histories and choices bound up in the qualities of my essential self. I use structures that organize the experiences and questions and are used for interpreting and processing information.”

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