Haley Morris-Cafiero

Haley Morris-Cafiero

Associate Professor

Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs

Fine Arts / Photography

BA; BFA, University of North Florida
MFA, University of Arizona

Haley Morris Cafiero is a photographer and sculptor who creates images and objects that reflect the lack of control she feels about her body and her surroundings. Sometimes the work deals with the reactions of people and objects to her inability to control the size of her external body. Other times, her art is inspired by the possibilities of disease silently eating away her internal body.

She works primarily with historic photographic processes such as daguerreotypes and wet plate collodion negatives. She often combines the photographic image with leather, clay, printmaking processes or metal to transform the image to an object.

She is currently one of 20 National Artists represented by the A.I.R. Gallery in New York.

Haley Morris Cafiero

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M/W/F: 3:30–4:30p

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Rust 105

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