Andrea Crowley

Andrea Crowley

Director of Professional Practices

Since coming to MCA in 2015, Andrea has worked with the faculty to define a set of common goals for each student's professional development, and is now working to create a plan to incorporate these goals in every academic program. She is already noticing a difference in her students as they discover how to maximize their personal strengths and artistic talents, discovering transferable skills that will benefit their careers in both traditional art and design settings as well as non-traditional fields. In an age where communities, organizations and businesses are being challenged to seek creative solutions, Andrea believes that MCA students are becoming uniquely qualified to meet this need since they, as artists, excel in their ability to think creatively and work collaboratively. Andrea brings 20 years of experience in sales and marketing management, as well as employee development training, previously working as part of the Workforce Development program at Southwest Tennessee Community College.
Andrea Crowley

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Rust Hall

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